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Tall Paul, is one of the stalwarts of the UK music scene, rocking dancefloors across the globe for nearly 30 years. He started DJing as a teenager, spinning vinyl for private parties at his family’s venue, the legendary club, Turnmills. 

As the popularity of House music grew, Paul was at the forefront of London’s renowned pirate radio station scene, with shows on the infamous Touchdown FM & Sunrise FM.  

After securing a residency at notorious all-nighter Trade in 1990, Tall Paul soon found himself in demand across the UK, playing at all the big clubs that made UK clubbing history. From The Gardening Club, to Cream, Golden, Gatecrasher, Gods Kitchen, Clockwork Orange, Malibu Stacey’s, Ministry of Sound, The Gallery, Tall Trees, Colours, the list is endless. 

From this launch pad, Paul’s popularity grew exponentially and saw him become a fully paid up member of the global DJ tribe, playing to audiences across the U.S., Ibiza, Canada, Japan, South America, Asia, India, Dubai, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Russia and of course, all over Europe.   

Not content with DJing alone, Paul found himself in the studio – doing re-edits and released his first track, ‘Love Rush’ in 1992. This changed everything, the Trade anthem led him to work with Red Jerry, head honcho of Hooj Choons, making the dance classic ‘Rock da House’ – which was re-released on VC: Recordings in 1997, reaching No. 11 in the UK charts. Paul then went on to produce numerous Top 20 hits including his highest entry to date, Camisra ‘Let Me Show You’, entering the chart at No. 5. 

Setting up Duty Free Recordings in 1998  gave Paul the space to discover and support new artists. He released his first artist album ‘Back & Forth’ in 2004 featuring ‘Common Ground’, ‘Be There’, “Freebase” and ‘Precious Heart’ and which confirmed his reputation as being one of the key players in the UK dance scene.  

Paul has been a prolific remixer throughout his career; commissions include projects for New Order, Stone Roses, Erasure, Human League, K-Klass, Wild Child, Energy 52, Duran Duran, Nalin & Kane, Blondie, Bizarre Inc, Keane and The Killers to name a few. He was also the winner of Muzik Magazine’s coveted DJ of the Year award in 1998 and has received numerous other awards signifying his production and remixing successes.  

As Tall Paul, he has sold over 1 million compilation albums including Virgin’s ‘The Gallery Modern Masters’, ‘Club Nation 1998’ ‘Cream Anthems’, and Fantazia’s ‘House Collection’. In 2002 Paul signed a multi-album deal with the Ministry of Sound, ‘Dance Nation 6’, ‘The Ibiza Annual 2’, ‘Millennium Annual’, ‘Dance Nation 7’, ‘Headliners’, ‘The Annual’, ‘The Clubber’s Guide to 2001’ & ‘2003’. Stateside, he released  ‘Mixed Live’ series, ‘The Gallery: Live’ sessions, ‘Globetrotting Peru’ and ‘Live in Bulgaria’, all of which have increased Paul’s popularity around the globe.  

The global resurgence in popularity of house music now sees him picking up the headphones once more, and heading out to play for a different, younger audience, who are still as hungry as ever. His depth and breadth of musical knowledge and incessant thirst to find great music keeps things fresh. No matter where, what or when, you know that once Tall Paul steps up to the decks, he will light up the dancefloor.  

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